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Kind Acts To Do

"Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others." 

AND... "Look to see the love in others and you will see it in yourself."

-Lisa Metwaly

(FYI: there are kindness links at the bottom of the page)

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1. Trust that you are here for a reason. Your kindness will make a difference in the
     lives of others and yourself. Submit a story of  how someone did you right and
     what lesson you learned about kindness in 50 words or less to
    (more details on the Kindness Leadership tab)

2. Change your tune and you can change your life. Nothing changes if nothing
    changes. Move new kindness muscles.

3. Make a gratitude list and add to it every day. You'll get stronger in kindness.

4. Perform purposeful kindness. Ask people to travel the kindness.

5. Plan a kindness event every month. Invite different people.

6. Make small, medium and large goals. Always feel successful. 

7. Build your network by helping others to get what they want without any 
   expectations of how they can help you.

8. Believe that what goes around, comes around, but not always from the same people.

9. Know that everything happens for a reason and it does to serve you somehow. 
    Make it serve you.

10. Find your God given gift, give it and help others do the same.

There is a world of kindness waiting to happen.

Here are a few of my favorite links to spread kindness everywhere:

Dwell in the spirit of YES! by Barbara McAfee (kindness song to be released SOON).
All I did was listen - Rachel Awes

Chain of love video

Orly Wahba Ted Talk and Kindness Video;TEDNew-York
Lifevest inside - Orly Wahba

Good Works Press

Kindness UK

World Kindness Movement

The be kind people project


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