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  3 Simple Steps for Kindness Leadership
1. Create mindful kind acts on a monthly basis.

2. Connect with others to do the same.
3. Repeat.

Share your life changing experience for Lisa's new book series, "Kindness Travels - Stories of Kindness Everywhere".

Submit your story of kindness today in 50 words or less to or share it at the

Invite your children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents to submit their stories too. Be sure to include your contact information, website if applicable and age if you choose. ALSO included which book you'd like to be included in.

*If we are doing a special book for your SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT, be sure to let me know your organization's name. You're welcome to submit more than once.

Answer this: What act of kindness did you experience that made an impact in your life? Was is it something someone said or did? How did your view of life change for the better by one kind act? Write in first person. Emotion is good. Kindness matters. Your story matters.

Send your final copy to
. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself because we will not be able to return copies sent.

If your story is chosen for publication, you will be notified prior. We will not print anything without your permission. Your specific book might take a year or more to publish. Please be patient. You may submit more than one story if it is a different story.

MINDFUL KIND ACTS  to live strong in kindness:
(start a kindness gang or club with 7 kind acts, 7 days, 7 people)
Level 1. Create. Challenge yourself and others to the following 7 kind acts in 7 days.
TIP: Place 7 pennies in your left pocket and transfer them to the right pocket with each kind act.

          1. Let someone go ahead of you (a person or car)

     2. Call someone to wish them well (have no other agenda)

     3. Write to someone and share why they matter (include yourself)

     4. Donate (your time or something else) -
   "Kids spell love - t.i.m.e." - David Wagner                                                                     

5. Compliment someone sincerely (preferably someone you don’t know well)

6. Treat someone anonymously (i.e. coffee, gum, lunch)

     7. Copy these 7 kind acts and share this with someone new.

 Level 2. Connect. Meet up for a GROUP kind act during Kindness Week (first week monthly). The best way to get strong in kindness is to teach others. Ideally eat together and talk about your experience. What went well? What could go better? Who can you invite next month?

Level 3: Connect deeper. Ask one other person to join you. Mentor them. Share your experience. The goal is for each person to reach out and invite 7 other people to play and have them do the same. Invite someone that is different than you in age, race, religion or something else. Embrace diversity because in reality we all have more in common than we think.

BONUS: Collaborate. Share your kindness where you work, worship, learn or somewhere else. Connect with Lisa, the Chief Instigator of Kindness herself. Bring her to your first meetup. She can help you organize a kindness mastermind, create traveling kindness at your work and collaborate with you to create a culture of kindness. Call or email Lisa today for a no cost consultation: or 612-387-4977.

Celebrate monthly! Create a monthly sharing board of kind actions (kinactions) for people to post kind acts. Once the board is filled, take a picture to keep it for an annual collage if you like. Choose one lucky post for a PRIZE! It can be as simple as a "gold star", a kind note of appreciation or even a gift card. Get creative. Start a new board each month.

  • Share.
  • Travel the kindness. (literally EXPRESS THIS when you do a kind act).
  • Go global and invite others.

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