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Would you like more kindness where you work, school or play?
Lisa speaks to inspire kindness everywhere.
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Here's the 5 minute speech "Copyright Free Kindness" given at the IGNITE Minneapolis event at the Columbia Heights theater. The 20 slides included advanced every 15 seconds. It was the hardest speech I've given to date.

Listen to Lisa's message of kindness here:

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Topics include:
"How Building your Kindness Muscles Changes Everything"
"Kindness Travels Networking"

"Kindness Muscle Marketing.  More Mileage for Your Message"

"Lisa talks from the heart and gives you all the incentive you need to
spread kindness wherever you can." Karla Nelson - GE Power and Water

BIO: Lisa has been on a mission of kindness for 22 years serving companies like New York Life, Delta Airlines and Best Buy as a WOLF Omega. She's the founder of Better Life Productions which produces the Global Kindness Movement, Kindness Travels and Kinactor (kind actor). She also co-owned The Q Kindness Cafe where kindness really was everywhere.

Lisa has been featured on most of the local news stations, CNN Money, Inc. Magazine, Women's World, Redbook, many national blogs and Delta SKY Magazine. She is one of 50 women worldwide to be featured in Maryann Halpin's #1 selling book on Amazon, Fearless Women Visions of a New World.

She seeks to harvest and share the best of kindness and feed it back to the world.

More insight and kind acts at the BLOG here

Feed your hungry minds as Lisa shares a tailor made training to help build your kindness muscles. Become part of the Global Kindness Movement. Get fit with kindness!

Lisa likes to design your message specific to you. Before speaking to your group, Lisa will send a short survey to find out more about personal needs and challenges you'd like to overcome.

All groups will have the opportunity to harvest kindness stories from their group. Children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents are also encouraged to write in with their stories. Kindness travels when we travel the kindness, right?

What matters? This question was posed to me recently by Missy Durant. It's the title of her new book. When I answered her question she told me that she didn't get that at my website.

It's time to share my story in hopes that we can connect on a deeper level and you'll be inspired to join me on a mission of kindness in the world.

When I took over the operations of the Q Kindness Cafe in 2006 I was very hesitant on being "the face" of the kindness campaign. After all, it's all the people that continue to come into my life and share their story that make up this "face". What I thought mattered to me might surprise you.

I spent 10 years counseling people with their money in the Financial Industry.  Money and what it could buy me, mattered. Or at least I thought it did until I hired my first Life Coach and doubled sales. At a sales meeting, one of my co-workers told of a man who hired a coach, created a vision board and got everything he went after. The only thing was, he lost his wife and child in the process because he was so busy going after the things that he thought mattered. He might as well of thrown a bucket of cold water on my head. This was a wake up call that would change my life as I contemplated what really mattered.
He had my full attention even after the meeting was over. I couldn't stop thinking about this scenario. My sales had doubled in the first month with my coach. My vision board was full of pictures of material stuff like a cabin in the woods, a plane and vacation destinations. Surely I didn't want to lose my family to all this "stuff'. The harsh reality was in the last month I didn't spend a lot of time with my husband, family, friends or in any conversation with God.

My work with my Life Coach turned inward. I really didn't know what I wanted. I only knew what my manager wanted me to want. More.

What did I really want? Assessments, writing and a lot of self-reflection took up my days. The quest after what really does matter became what matters most.

This is some of what I found.
  1. Having a relationship with God is a work in progress. I trust that I'm exactly where I need to be. I trust that God will use me as a tool. I ask that He guide my words and my ways. I talk to Him a lot now.
  2. My past does not define me but helps to shape me. My future is getting created by the present moments. Being totally present for people is more important than what should be, could be or hasn't been.
  3. Gardening brings me joy. Planting, tending and harvesting food, flowers and friends makes me happy. 
  4. Being kind to myself and to others' is richly rewarding. Sharing those rewards with others' matters.
So when my husband asked me to take over the restaurant, I really didn't have a CLUE what I was doing, only that I was to trust in the process of what I felt mattered: human potential, everyone is a leader and kindness can be everywhere. Hence the kindness campaign was born.

There is kindness everywhere in my life now. We harvest it daily with every encounter and share it freely. Kindness matters.

It's because of you and for you that we share this kindness campaign to create a world where kindness really is everywhere.

If this makes sense, start a conversation with me to what kindness everywhere looks like where you work, worship, learn or somewhere else. No cost consultations are easy. Email or call Lisa at 612-387-4977 to initiate an act of kindness for yourself and your team.

See what others have said on the home page. Check back for video clips of the award winning "Kindness Changes Everything" speech to be posted soon.
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