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Welcome Kinactors!
                                                  Kinactor (ke'-nakt-er) noun 1. Kind actor
                                                     Kindness Travels. Travel the Kindness.

Let a penny remind you of the power of one. You.
                Exercise your KINDNESS MUSCLES - 98% are needed - share your results
                Travel the kindness and share a kindness story (details here)

There's no copyright on kindness. Share as many kind acts as you can.

Here's a question for you:
With 7 BILLION people in the world, do you ever stop to wonder
why so many people feel LONELY, without PURPOSE and CONFUSED at the COMPLEXITY of HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

KINDNESS TRAINING (much like personal training) CHANGES EVERYTHING!

"If you can't be a good example then you'll have to be a horrible warning." - Marilyn Aird

"For many years I was a horrible example. When my sister Paula literally gave her heart away as her last living kind act I decided to be a better example. When Paula died, she gave me a new life. I thank God every day that I'm able to better the world with one kind act. I'm grateful to learn from my mistakes and from your examples of kindness. Thank you for sharing your stories. It is because of you that kindness travels."

"Believe in people who don't believe in themselves. Love the unloved. Strengthen your kindness muscles in your head, heart and your hands. Be bold in your kindness and together we will, we will change the world."
- Lisa Metwaly

Ask yourself:
  • Do you notice that people around you are DISENGAGED?   
  • Do you wake up not knowing how to make a DIFFERENCE?
  • Would you like to be surrounded by people who are STRONG in kindness?
When we closed The Kindness Cafe because of health reasons I knew the transformation had just begun.

Lives changed because of the kindness there. Kindness traveled and morphed in unexpected ways.

People from all walks of life came through our doors because of the kindness. They kept coming back. They told others to come. Stories were written. Kindness was shared. 

I realized what happened and is happening is not for me to keep, it's for me to give.I'd love to share what happened next. It's big and keeps getting bigger. We all have kindness muscles. Many don't use them enough. I seek to change that with your help.

ENGAGE your team or community to be strong in kindness.
CALL ME at 612-387-4977 to SPEAK to your group.

Let's create a Kindness Travels book for your group. I collect stories specifically for your company and compile them for you to keep. Everyone gets involved in the harvest of kindness. Children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents of your group members are all asked to contribute kindness stories. All kindness matters and is much needed, right?


Lisa is one of the 50 women chosen to be in Mary Ann Halpin's book, Fearless Women Visions of a New World. Buy your book here.


Lisa creates kindness muscle training and keynote speeches specific to your needs.
Join the Global Kindness Movement!

Before speaking to your group,
Lisa will send a short discovery survey to get a pulse on where you are and where you seek to go.

Plan to have new found passion and purpose for kindness!

Are you ready to change your world?

Lisa speaks to bring out the best in you and your team.

Email today

(satisfaction guaranteed speeches. With every paid speech, Lisa will donate an hour with a local school)

Topics include:
"Kindness Changes Everything"

"Building Stronger Kindness Muscles"
"Traveling Kindness. Give Your Message More Mileage and Meaning"

"There is no copyright on kindness. The kindness that is shared here is meant to better the world. The more you seek out kindness, the more kindness will seek you. I'm happy to help strengthen that culture of kindness in your world, wherever you are. I look forward to teaching and learning from each other."

With a smile,
Lisa Metwaly -Public Speaker -
Chief Instigator of the Global Kinactors -
Farmer of Kindness from the 98%


Invite Lisa
to INSTIGATE KINDNESS where you work, worship, learn or somewhere else.
Hourly sessions. Private or group. Small or large. Keynote or breakout sessions.

All speeches are on an honorarium.

Call 612-387-4977 or email



"We need more kindness in the world. Lisa's vision and the way she inspires others to make a habit of kindness every day should be practiced by everyone." - Karen Thompson

"Lisa talks from the heart and gives you all the incentive you need to spread kindness wherever you can." Karla Nelson - GE Power and Water

"I love that you feel like me - that everyone is the same your eyes." - Laura B. -Almost Anything Promos

"You are a very enthusiastic speaker on your subject and that speaks volumes.
It makes people want to listen to you." - Eva from Garden of Eva, Inc.

"You moved me!! And you've given me wonderful ideas for spreading kindness" - Anne Gedelman- retired from Eco Systems

"It is a great reminder of what kindness can do, especially when you are having a bad day." Terry Thomas - Pentair

"I loved the 2 wolves story. It was very powerful.
Love your enthusiasm." - Sue Korf -Promotional Art Services

"I'm so excited to carry this message to my team on Sunday. I am starting today!!" -Mindy Sayre -Independant Scentsy Director

"Enjoyed it very much!" - Roxanne Larsen

For a free consultation and to book a date, email or call 612-387-4977

Connect with Lisa on Facebook or LinkedIn - Lisa Metwaly


Get involved in our community kindness with a personal invitation up above.

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